1994-2001 Acura Integra GSR Coupe Production Numbers (DC2)

The 3rd generation Acura Integra was a major departure from the earlier chassis, moving to a new more streamlined body style, controversial and unique bullet headlight style, and new lighter and more nimble chassis. When the 3rd generation Integra was released in 1994, it premiered with multiple trim models, from the entry level RS, the mid range LS, to the top of the line GSR. No matter the trim level, this chassis was equipped with a potent double wishbone suspension front and rear, 4-wheel disc brakes, and a stiff lightweight structure. It was an immediate success, with high volume sales for the duration of production.

The GSR was the only trim level available with Honda’s flagship VTEC technology, in a new and improved 1.8 liter B-series DOHC VTEC engine, the B18C1. The B18C1 engine was an evolution of the earlier B17A1 engine in the 2nd generation Acura Integra GS-R, with more displacement, a unique dual plenum intake with variable butterfly valves to improve on low end torque, and a respectable 8000 RPM redline (8200 RPM fuel cut). The B18C1 later became the flagship motor for B-series engine swaps during the import craze of the early 2000s, being readily available relative to the Integra Type R engine, while still offering comparable tuning potential. The B18C1 engine introduced a new main cap girdle, joining main caps #2, 3 and 4 in the engine block for increased structural rigidity at high RPM. The other variants of the B-series motor, namely the B16A, B18A/B, and others did not have this important high performance element.

The GSR had other chassis improvements, notably a sport tuned suspension, a shorter gear ratio transmission for improved power delivery, leather trimmed steering wheel and shift knob, and similar improvements.

The 3rd generation Integra had a great run, lasting 8 model years. The chassis can be broken into two major categories, the early body style, 1994-1997, and the later updated body style, 1998-2001. Debates will continue indefinitely about which body style is more aesthetically appealing.

Below you will find production number information for the 3rd generation GSR 3-door coupe. Notable, there was a much less common sedan variant as well, which we hope to have production information on in time. Also notable, these numbers do not include the Acura Integra Type R, which share the same DC2 chassis designation (although the chassis are notably different).


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