1992-1995 Honda Civic Si Production Numbers (EH3)

In the United States, The EH3 chassis 1992 – 1995 Honda Civic Si is an iconic tuner car, with a cult like following. Sharing many of the same major chassis points, geometry, and suspension as the higher scale 3rd generation Acura Integra, but at a much lower weight, it was an instant classic for tuning, motor swaps, and drag racing in the United States. A unique higher spec trim, commonly referred to as the EG6 chassis, was available in Japan, therefore it is common to see this generation of Honda Civic referred to as an “EG Hatchback”, although technically in the US market they are EH3 (Si) and EH2 ( all other hatchback).

The D16Z6 motor found in the EH3 chassis produced 125 HP @ 6600 RPM, with a redline of 7200 RPM. Although commonly swapped for the larger B-series motor available in the Acura Integra and later generation Honda Civic Si, the engine was a gem and held up extremely well to abuse.

The Civic Si had many unique features that were not available on other USDM Honda Civic hatchbacks from 1992-1995, including a factory power sunroof, short ratio transmission, plush interior, triple sun visor, factory dash clock, unique cloth interior, and door storage pockets.

1992-1993 chassis have the “white stripped” interior pattern. 1994-1995 chassis have the checkered interior pattern.

1992 – 1993 was the lightest of the 4 year production run as these models did not include a passenger airbag.

Unique to 1992, the Si did not include color matched exterior mirrors. Starting in 1993 and continuing through the end of the production run, Honda color matched the mirrors on the exterior of the car. Honda color matched the door handles for all EH3 Si. Lower trim Civic Cx, Dx, and Vx models never received color matched door handles or trim.

1994 was the only year ABS was offered. Of the 1994 models, 1501 included ABS (~48%). The ABS equipped Civic Si is the heaviest of the bunch. The ABS system was relatively primitive by modern standards, and is often disabled or removed by the tuning community.

Black was the most common color with 8,644 produced, although there were two blacks available. The later Granada Black Pearl is said to have more red metallic tones vs. silvers in Flint Black Metallic. Black was unique to the Si model within the US spec hatchback market, meaning that all black hatchbacks were EH3 chassis.

Captiva Blue and Aztec green were one year model runs. Both of these colors were available in other years on other trim levels.

Frost White, the rarest of colors for the EH3, were produced for 1994 and 1995. The 1995 model year Frost White Civic Si is the rarest of all models. Frost White is available on all trim levels, and is not unique to the EH3 Si chassis.

A common misconception, the Civic Si did not leave the factory with an OEM front lip or alloy wheels. These options were reserved for the top of the range, fuel sipping, Civic Vx model, which surprisingly was more expensive when new. It was a very popular and common modification to add the Civic Vx lip and aerodynamic rear bumper diffusers to all models of Civic of the same generation.

Below you will find the exact production information for each model year and color available. Like all production information, this was verified directly with the North American Honda VIN database (used for recalls).

USDM 1992-1995 Honda Civic Si Production Numbers
1992 Honda Civic Si in Captiva Blue Pearl
1993 Honda Civic Si in Aztec Green Pearl

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